Rellis Recollections
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Emerging from an Historic Past

From cotton fields on the banks of the Brazos to air fields in times of war. From drill fields on which precision and discipline were mastered, to a venue where multidisciplinary fields of study, research and enterprise will merge.

Known in the past by many names, today’s RELLIS Campus of the Texas A&M University System sets the stage for a collaboration between business and academia and charts a new course toward the achievement of excellence.

“We’ve broken ground on a new approach to education,” says A&M System Chancellor John Sharp,” one which invites the participation of public partners and private industry.

“This is a transformative model seeking to move ideas from the laboratory to the marketplace, and students from the classroom into the workforce.”

The Origin of  "RELLIS"


RELLIS Recollections is an oral history project seeking to chronicle the events, people and accomplishments which serve as the legacy for this emerging research, technology and educational reserve. The site story dates back to before statehood and has seen a remarkable assemblage of individuals who have shaped the future through the crafting of precedent and the molding of lives.

Through this site, you’ll have the opportunity both to learn and to contribute. You’ll see and read accounts from historical experts, service veterans, local notables and former students and staff who lived, learned and led within the confines of the former Bryan Army Air Field. Your remembrances, observations and family accounts are welcome here, too.

History Matters


With the RELLIS Campus, the future of higher education has arrived. It’s promising potential is not without a proud past and here is where you’ll see that story unfold. To contribute to the RELLIS history, click on our Add Your Story page. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact us.

Named for the core values of Texas A&M–Respect, Excellence, Leadership, Loyalty, Integrity and Selfless Service–the RELLIS Campus stands at the vanguard of higher education and builds upon a proud and unique tradition.