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Building Fences

All educational roads–or, at least many–seem to have lead to and passed through the RELLIS Campus in years gone by. Time spent by students there, no matter what the name, seems to have made a lasting impression and forged numerous successful careers.

Larry Boleman is an associate vice chancellor for Texas A&M AgriLife. He earned  B.S, M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from Texas A&M University, and has spent more than 50 years working for the College of Agriculture and AgriLife.

Boleman grew up on a small farm near Waco, but his "humbling" beginnings were at the Texas A&M Research Annex where he was tasked, along with other students, with the less-than-joyful task of fence-building.


Dr. Larry Boleman serves as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Outreach and Strategic Initiatives for Texas A&M AgriLife, Texas A&M University. Boleman assists with administration and $400 million management of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Texas A&M System's four Agricultural Agencies. He has been employed with the Texas A&M System for more than 50 years, with the last dozen years in administration. Boleman has held leadership positions in many industry organizations. He is a lifelong cattleman and an internationally-regarded livestock judge.