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Any history is actually a recount of the vision, action and aftermath of decisions made by people.

In the photo above, you see Chancellor John Sharp of The Texas A&M University System with local dignitaries and leaders breaking ground on the Center for Infrastructure Renewal, the first of many new buildings which soon will dot the RELLIS Campus. It is Sharp's vision which has rekindled the potential of what was previously called the Riverside Campus and has been known by many other names since its conception as Bryan Army Air Field.

The RELLIS Campus emerges thanks to the efforts and energy of people with expertise in finance, engineering, construction, planning, management and maintenance. People, from various walks of life–students, faculty, researchers, business leaders and more–will make use of its facilities.

And within the confines of this website, people tell the story of where the RELLIS site has come from and where it will go.

Meet those people by clicking on any of the names you find on this page. We call them "Contributors," people whose lives have intersected with the RELLIS site or have historic knowledge of its remarkable past, present and future to come.