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Communing with Nature

As might be expected, a sizable percentage of the nearly 2,000 acres which comprised the Bryan Air Force Base, Research Annex and Riverside Campus–today known as the RELLIS Campus–was open land surrounding the twin 7,000-foot runways constructed to allow nuclear bombers to land during and after the Korean War.

Those spaces have made for fertile pastures, accommodating everything from baboons and bovines to, more recently, bees to name just a few of the species studied and tended to by the Texas A&M College of Agriculture and more recently the Texas A&M AgriLife Research agency.

But, not every critter on site has fallen under the purview of scientific or academic study, as those who’ve worked at the location, like Kathy Fraser of the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) explains.


Kathy Fraser is Associate Director for Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service Marketing and Communications. A graduate of Texas A&M University, Fraser joined TEEX as a multimedia developer with the Law Enforcement & Security Training Division, and later managed the Center for Instructional Technologies. She is currently serving on the TEEX Leadership Development Committee.