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Movie Nights

In the aftermath of the Korean War, Bryan Air Force Base was the local area’s second-largest employer. As such, it was a boon to the local economy and a welcome part of the local social landscape.

During the base’s service in World War II, the greater war effort was a far more intense experience for the nation as a whole. The conflict on the Korean peninsula was perceived as more political and less threatening to the American way of life.

And, as such, things might have been a bit more relaxed on the BAFB outpost. Matthew Bizzell, researching for the Cushing Library’s “Mapping Historic Aggieland” project, dug deep into the history of the site.


Matthew Bizzell is an instructor at San Jacinto Community College in Houston. He is in pursuit of his PhD in Literature and History from the University of Houston. While obtaining his dual Bachelor of Arts degree in English-Creative Writing and Philosophy at Texas A&M, he enlisted to participate in the Cushing Memorial Library’s “Mapping Historic Aggieland” project. In that role, he did extensive historical work on what was known at the time as the Riverside Campus. He went on to earn his Masters degree from A&M in American Literature. Matt is married and originally from San Antonio.