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Process Engineering Research & Development Center

The Process Engineering Research & Development Center–PERDC–has developed new processes for converting diverse agricultural crops and animal products into food, feed and industrial ingredients for more than 75 years. Formerly known as the Food Protein Center, the RELLIS-Campus venue is the only public fully equipped oilseed processing facility in the world, supporting both engineering research and training.

The center has its roots in the Texas A&M Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, It began oilseed process equipment training in 1929 in collaboration with the Texas Cottonseed Crusher’s Association and the Oil Mill Superintendents Association and area-wide processing stakeholders. The research and development (R&D) program was later initiated as the Cottonseed Product Laboratory in 1939 to assist Texas farmers by developing new uses for local crops.

Stakeholders working with the center include governmental entities, trade groups, research associations and other universities, all benefitting from the center’s unique resources and training programs..
Mian Riaz, a Texas A&M professor in Nutrition and Food Science is the PERDC director.


Dr. Mian N. Riaz is the Director of the Process Engineering R&D Center, Head of Extrusion Technology Program, and Professor of Food Diversity in Nutrition and Food Science Department at Texas A&M University. He joined the center more than 25 years ago after completing his Ph.D in Food Science from the University of Maine, He was the first Ph.D. graduate of their Food Science department. His first academic appointment was in 1992 at Texas A&M where he was put in charge of the Food and Feed Extrusion Program and went on to become the head of the Extrusion Program and a member of the Graduate Faculty in the Food Science and Technology Program. Since 2005, he has been serving as the Director of the Process Engineering Research & Development Center. Riaz is a frequent speaker at international and national conferences and meetings and has delivered more than 300 presentations in 55 countries. Every year he organizes 5 short courses in the area of extrusion. He also has a teaching appointment in the Nutrition and Food Science Department.