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Size Matters

When the U.S Government's Division of Surplus Property officially annexed the unused Bryan Air Force Base site to Texas A&M College in 1962, one of the stipulations of the deal, which ultimately would give A&M title to the land at no cost, was that the venue be put to productive use by the school. One of the first occupants of the "Research Development Annex of A&M College" was the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, whose mission was to provide vocational training to a wide range of trade professionals.

That work has been broadened through the years. Law enforcement agencies and other first-responders rely on TEEX for training services. And the agency is able to deliver, according to director Gary Sera, because there is ample room to get the job done and done right.

As a proving ground for the important work done by TEEX, the size of the RELLIS Campus really does matter.


Gary Sera serves as the Agency Director for the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX).  He has been employed with TEEX since 1993.  Before being appointed as the agency’s Director, he served as Division Director of the Technology and Economic Development Division (TED) with TEEX.  Sera also served as Director of the Mid Continent Technology Transfer Center, a NASA-sponsored center focused on the delivery of technology commercialization services in a 12-state region.  In 1992, he established a Graduate Assistance Program in TEEX that used MBA students from the Texas A&M College of Business to perform work under contract with NASA, U.S. Department of Commerce, and the private sector.