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The Operstenys

One of the local area’s most committed historical preservationists has been Tom Turbiville. When he hasn’t been covering Texas A&M athletics–he currently is the radio voice of the Aggie women’s basketball team–Tom has been a dedicated storyteller, honoring “Veterans of the Valley," his successful and acclaimed television show on KAMU-TV featuring interviews with local individuals who served their country as members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

“I never had the opportunity to serve our nation myself,” Turbiville says, “but I had family members who did. I’ve always had a deep admiration for the men and women whose sacrifice makes possible our ongoing way of life at home."

Turbiville did much more than bring his subjects onto the KAMU set. He first met each one personally, both to understand their stories and to help get them comfortable to the task of relating their experiences on camera.

“More than a few veterans were hesitant to revisit their military or war experiences," Turbiville says. "What many of these people experienced, especially the veterans who saw combat, was a horror beyond imagination. I wanted them to understand that my intent was to honor them and help others understand what they had given to our country.”

In supporting RELLIS Recollections, Turbiville revisits some of the “Veterans of the Valley” stories he’s previously told.

Here, he rekindles his relationship with Charles and Regina Opersteny as they recount their time spent at Bryan Air Force Base during the Korean War.


Tom Turbiville is the play-by-play voice of the Texas A&M University women’s basketball team. He’s also a well-known and well-regarded former local-market radio and television personality. He co-hosted the WTAW "Infomaniacs" morning show for 19-years and created and hosted the "Veterans of the Valley" series on Texas A&M's PBS affiliate KAMU-TV. Prior to his broadcasting career, Turbiville was sports editor of the Irving Daily News, assistant media relations director for the Southwest Conference, and sports information director at Texas A&M.